Jinal Shah

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  • stella gassaway

    stella gassaway

    instigator : disruptor : thinker : doer : artist

  • Bomin Kim

    Bomin Kim

    User Interface Designer

  • Gowri Sivaprasad

    Gowri Sivaprasad

    VP of Engineering at Amber Road Inc

  • Michaela Jausen

    Michaela Jausen

    Strategist and Planner exploring the digital awesomeness

  • Emily Puddephatt

    Emily Puddephatt

    Part-time stage magician, tidy cook, international freediving champion and frequent fibber. Social Strategist @lostboys.

  • Anabel


    Le tengo prohibido a mi cuerpo morir. De suceder dicha eventualidad y por si fuera posible no dejarla impune, me gustaría que se supiera que fui desobedecida.

  • James Mitchell

    James Mitchell

    High Strategy, lively copy, fiction with fangs and thorns. Growth for your business, and growth for me. This is the story of a project I’m calling Botany.

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