Jinal Shah

Why rewriting greek mythology is a DE&I initiative

I am a passionate lover of myths, fairy tales, and folklore and have returned to it with a new voraciousness during the pandemic. I am not the first to point out the racist and sexist nature of Greek myths but it is time for us question this status-quo.

Plainly, greek…

Originally written in 2013.

I recently changed jobs and I was smart enough to negotiate one

week off between the two jobs. (also not smart enough to negotiate more than one week off.) My default relaxation mode is watching mindless television shows and punting around online, in my pajamas, on…

Even though new year resolutions never work (University of Scranton says only 8% of people ever achieve their new year resolutions), January 1st brings with it an intoxicating energy…one that compels us to treat the new year as a clean slate and pile onto it everything we wanted to do…

Jinal Shah

Musings on culture, content, commerce, leadership, life, and everything in between. Currently VP, Marketing at Feather. www.livefeather.com

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