Why rewriting greek mythology is a DE&I initiative

Plainly, greek myths needs to be re-written with a balanced redressal of its portrayal of race, beauty, and relationships between men and women. Greek myths get a few things right — the normalization and acceptance of same sex relationships and the agency of both men and women for rage, revenge, and negative…

Putting down some reflections over the last few years in one place. Hopefully they are of some use to you.

01. On Deep Listening

I always thought that I was a good listener. But I was surprised to learn that I probably wasn’t as good as I thought I was. Here’s how I can best explain this.

Deep listening means allowing whoever is speaking, to own their conversation. Very often, when someone (professionally or personally) is sharing something with me, I have a tendency to demonstrate (what I believe to be) empathy by nodding along, or offering gentle encouragement with…

Originally written in 2013.

I recently changed jobs and I was smart enough to negotiate one

week off between the two jobs. (also not smart enough to negotiate more than one week off.) My default relaxation mode is watching mindless television shows and punting around online, in my pajamas, on the bed. This leads to an unstable cycle where I sleep very late and as a result, wake up very late. Plus, multiple episodes of Walking Dead tend to make my mind mush. I was keen on not dealing with a mush brain during this break. …

Casper, the disruptive new mattress company as it is currently known, knows that it is not in the business of selling mattresses but in the business of providing a good night’s sleep.

I stumbled upon a bunch of job openings at Casper that very obviously reveal that Casper will soon be launching a (subtly) branded editorial site focused on “all aspects of sleep and various nocturnal adventures.”

Their in-house marketing team right now consists of paid acquisition, experiential and partnership skill-sets. With this editorial venture, Casper will now add solid content marketing chops to its marketing team.

Even though I…

Even though new year resolutions never work (University of Scranton says only 8% of people ever achieve their new year resolutions), January 1st brings with it an intoxicating energy…one that compels us to treat the new year as a clean slate and pile onto it everything we wanted to do in the years past but never managed to. I used to do that as well until four or so years ago when I discovered a new strategy that has been serving me well. It is realistic but it also pushes me. It is aspirational but very much measureable. …

Jinal Shah

Musings on culture, content, commerce, leadership, life, and everything in between. Currently VP, Marketing at Feather. www.livefeather.com

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